Alfredo Ramirez


Name: Alfredo Ramirez 

Age: 47 yrs

Stance : Goofy

City: San Diego

Country: USA

Surfing since: 1985

Surfboard: Shortboard, Lost Mayhem

Level:  Advanced

Favorite surf spots: San Miguel, Blacks, SMJ, DMJ’s, Bali. 


I surf because it makes me feel healthy and alive; It makes me happy and I feel free. I've been surfing since 1985 and have competed during all these years: Got 1st. Masters Coalition of Surf Clubs, San Miguel. 1st Navidenio, Tres Emes. Baja State champ, Master’s Division. Mex National Team at ISA Portugal1998 Head Coach and Team Manager for ISA World Jrs. 2015-2017 (Oceanside, Portugal, Japan). Baja Surf Club Coach and Team Manager for BBSS. Top 5 Mexican Nationals Experts Division, San Miguel 1990.  

My inspirational surfer is Kelly Slater and Tom Curren. I would love one day to surf in Australia, Fiji and other areas of Indonesia.