Hector Estrada

Name: Hector Estrada

Age: 32 yrs

Stance: Goofy

City: Ensenada

Country: Mexico

Board: Ricardo Garcia Surfboard 5'10" squash tail. Twin fin 5'5" retro fish.

Level: Advanced


I like surfing because the sea gives me peace and tranquility. It keeps me connected with nature and it purifies my mind and soul. It keeps my spirit young and it gives me happiness. Surfing for me it's not only a sport or a hobby, it is my life and passion. I started surfing since I was a teenager and I enjoy doing free surfing. My favorite surf spot is anywhere around Baja with my friends. 

My inspiration is mi uncle Curry and Occy. I would love to surf one day in New Zealand, Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia.