Josue Alvarez


Name: Josue Benjamin Alvarez Rodriguez

Age: 27 yrs.

Height: 1.80 mt

Stance: Regular

Country: Mexico

City: Sayulita

Surfing since: 10 yrs old

Level of surf: Professional

Best places to surf: Sayulita, Pascuales, Burros, La Ticla, Punta de Mita, La Barra, Playa Linda, Puerto Escondido, El Rancho.

Favorite wave: Reef/Break

Worst wipe-out: Torneo Clasico Pascuales 2020

Tournaments: Sayulita PRO open, Panamericano, Clasico Pascuales.

Prices: National Champion 2022

Inspiration: Felipe "Pipe" Rodriguez

I like surfing because I feel free, out of trouble and living the moment. Understand the environment and to protect the ocean along with those from my community.

Where would I like to surf: Fiji, Australia, Europa.